It includes roles & responsibilities of management firm. Scope of services, termination, continuation clauses. Commercial sale & transaction terms for Plantation yield & income distribution.
This is safeguarded in terms related to construction of farm houses, Vacation homes. Its not concerned with Farmland Plantation. Penalties are placed in various clauses to safeguard customers.
It depends on clauses with respective builder if modification is allowed in Farm house/ Cottages.
No, it depends on contract with developers as we are dealing with live crops in case of Farmland & rental yield for Farmhouse/Cottages.
There are restrictions on construction activity in Farmlands. 10% is allowed as built-up. Even this varies from state to state.
Commonly used method is pooling of all crop/plantation yield & distribution of income wealth as per ownership share post deduction of management charges. It defers from developer to developer.
We at Farmland Bazaar will facilitate as a platform in open market to best buyer.
No. It affects the total business plan of Estate as well as low yield of small amount of Crops/Plantation of individual owner.
Yes, there will be a proper agreement with all legal clauses.
It is in your best interest to have a Owners association. Collective strength helps in bargaining power. This helps in mitigating risks of non-performance by the developer/manager.
Every farm communities offer different amenities like Estate house, Guest house, club, etc for owners to stay. You can choose as per your requirements.
Foundries in large farming community are not encouraged as it reduces yield. Though you will be have physical & legal ownership of farmland.
All sale transactions will be managed by Estate manager.