BTR Farms is a quarter-acre freehold farmland within a twenty-five acre managed farming community; bearing fruits, flowers, shade-giving timber trees, and a cottage to live. Your green household, i.e., your farm land, will comprise over thirty green family members from the following plant families. Over twenty varieties of mango, coconut trees, over ten varieties of banana, jamun; twenty-seven varieties of jackfruit, four types of sapota, twenty citrus fruit varieties, five custard apple varieties, ten guava varieties, over twenty varieties other fruits, beetel leaves + arecanut, five+ sambar spices, timber varieties (teak, sandalwood and silver oak), twenty+ varieties of fragrant flowers and five varieties of shade bearing trees

"Breathe Fresh Air, Engage In Organic Farming, A Weekend Gateaway, And A Picnic Spots At Your Own Abode Of Heritage!"




Berigai, tamil nadu


15 Acres


  • campfire zone
  • central community kitchen
  • goshala
  • spiritual centre with a havan kund
  • well-stocked library
  • yoga and meditation


Rusticate by the lotus pond surrounded by swans, or spend time around the farm’s cows, goats, rabbits, and hens. Be it bullock cart rides, or country games like gilli-danda, lagori, channemane and marbles, there’s something to love for everyone

  • basketball
  • cricket
  • football
  • kabaddi
  • kho-kho
  • Kids play area
  • sand pit
  • volley ball

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