Serene Farms, a home based on solace, with nature by your side where modernity meets raw essentiality. Serene Farms comes in to bring you the ideal environment to help catch a break from the tedious routine and busy ways of life. Our open spaces oer the advantage of exploring the flora and fauna that surround the estate, providing peace of mind alongside the comforts and luxuries that come along with it, in a closed and secure community Serene Farms presents to you farmplots with the best of luxuries in the cocooned comfort of living in a farmland, surrounded by nature within a short drive from the city.

"Breathe Fresh Air, Engage In Organic Farming, A Weekend Gateaway, And A Picnic Spots At Your Own Abode Of Heritage!"




Hoskote, karnataka


65 Acres


Versatile farmplots brought to you by Serene Farms at an aordable price for everyone. It comes with the best of modern facilities alongside the best of the natural world.

  • 30 & 40 ft wide metalled-estate roads & paved pathways
  • Effcient water & effluence system
  • Expert maintenance
  • Grand entrance gated community
  • Security & surveillance
  • Solar street lamps & electric connections
  • State-of-the-art modern landscaping


  • Bespoke Living
  • Community Centre
  • Gourmet Restaurant
  • Indoor Recreation
  • Nature/hiking Trails
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Resort Cum Clubhouse
  • Spa & Sauna

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